Felipe y Tiago founded Rolerotation to bring gender equality to the social dance world and raise awareness.

There have been for generations and are nowadays many dancers all over the world that dance both roles and that, in different manners, switch roles mid-dance.

Like everything in life, it is difficult to unite or search for something that does not have an established name or a way to refer to it, search for it, investigate, evolve and create new materials about it. That is the reason why Felipe and Tiago came up with a unifying name and hashtag #rolerotation RoleRotation so everyone can use it and find each other all around the world.

Of course it is not the first time dancers dance both roles or switch roles in social dances. There are other names we invite you to search for such as: liquid lead dancing, conduçao mutua, switching roles, or dual role.

The name and movement RoleRotation was created to spread awareness, visibility and representation and to create new learning materials available for everyone, may it be online, in dance congresses, festivals or regular classes and it comes from a previous name created by Tiago Adegas called Role Reversal which has been used in the UK for years and we also invite you to look for. However, rolerotation is growing at a fast speed all over the world, you can look for Rolerotation in Google and find tons of dance materials already available for everyone to learn, use and spread. Also don’t forget to look at out lead and follow map and sign up so others can find you and new students can join each other in all cities and countries.

The dance world is evolving, years ago dancers that danced both roles were usually scorned or frowned upon as “you’re doing the girl part” or “you’re doing the boy part” which cannot be further from the truth.

Dance is an art and a cultural phenomenon that has nothing to do with gender or sex.

People are free to explore themselves and their creativity and we are creating a path towards a social dance era with a new wave and generation of dancers that know everything about it and dance both roles, how to lead and how to follow, may it be in bachata, salsa, kizomba or any other social dance like West Coast Swing for example.

The more a dancer knows the better they are. The more body control and exposure to all types of movements, the more versatile the dancer becomes. The more complete a dancer they become.

A dancer that does both roles at the same level automatically expands their vision, control and choices in all social dances.

A dance floor suddenly becomes a world of opportunities, while a dancer that only dances one role can only dance with 50% of the club a dancer that knows everything, dances both roles, can now dance with 100% of the people in a dance floor. The new combinations and opportunities in one dance suddenly double up and expand.

There is a new world out there for dancers that do both roles since there are no limits to the imagination now.

More and more each day different types of dance, dance couples and new material pop up in social media. Dancers who had been avoiding posting certain things are now encouraged to post it on social media. If you know a lot more, why not let the world know?

Every day new dancers get surprised when an artist posts a video doing “the other role” they had never show and are amazing at it!

We invite you to look for dancers all around the world, ask them about their inspiring stories switching roles in bachata, in salsa, in whatever social dance. Be inspired, there are amazing dancers that dance both roles all around the world.

Start dancing RoleRotation now, learn everything, make it your own choice of expression.

Felipe y Tiago creators of Rolerotation to bring gender equality to the social dance world
Felipe y Tiago founded Rolerotation to bring gender equality in the social dance world


International Bachata Artists and Instructors Creators/Authors/Owners/Founders of RoleRotation