Tiago Adegas and Felipe Ramírez are the founders and authors of the concept, movement, style and name: RoleRotation from which this Online Academy “RoleRotation Academy” takes its name.

The basis of RoleRotation is to end gender roles in Social Dances. Any dancer can switch in the middle of a dance between leader<>follower at will with their partner in order to express themselves no matter their sex or gender.

Classes, or dance in general, should not be divided in men and women, but rather allow everybody to choose what they want to learn, have the same possibilities to acquire knowledge as anybody else and have availability to the 100% of the content taught.

That is why we believe RoleRotation is the solution to a lot of the issues found today in social dances such as: people waiting in class, people being forbidden to learn what they want depending on their sex, gender or even sexual preference, superiority of one gender above the other, objectification of people, misunderstanding between students and dancers, and allows everyone to express themselves anyway, at anytime with anyone.

We welcome you to our online academy at where you can learn anything you want, at any pace you want. You choose everything!

Felipe & Tiago RoleRotation.

For more information, visit: http://www.rolerotation.com


International Bachata Artists and Instructors Creators/Authors/Owners/Founders of RoleRotation