Is stretching necessary for bachata and salsa dancers?

A lot of time as social dancers we tend to forget the importance of stretching. Since the majority of the times we don’t do moves that require a big range of motion like the splits or big jumps in the air, we end up dismissing stretching after or even before the dance classes and the socials. But, as social dancers our body needs to be ready for all different types of movements that come and we never really know when they appear. So it’s very important that we have our bodies ready as much as we can. And after 4 or 5 hours dancing it’s always good to at least stretch it a bit.

We know it might be a bit utopian to think we will stretch after the socials, lets face it, we won’t. But at least after a class or even weekly is always better than nothing right?

That’s one of the reasons why we think it’s important, not just to stretch, but also learn how to stretch so we leave you 3 quick tips that we took from @feliperamirezdance different stretching classes at

Stretching Fundamentals

Now you might think:

  • Is stretching really for me?
  • I’m not flexible at all!
  • These exercises are just to much!

These are all valid thoughts you can have and for that reason in the stretching classes we try to explain how you can stretch depending on the level you are currently at. Always with the goal to improve not just your flexibility but also your mobility which is probably even better for social dancers.

Stretching is for Everyone and for all levels

Finally, if you are one of those dancers that indeed want to go serious and achieve that beautiful split we left the last tip for you.

Split flexibility tip

This tip is part of the 15 minutes Flexibility Online Dance Class for Splits at
So if you haven’t done it already jump right on it, and remember, this is one of those to do it just once. It will depend on your body but at least, at least three times a week. Felipe will say four, but hey, let’s start small 😊

And remember, like all the other classes, you can do it right at home, just stand up from the couch and go!

🎓 Dance Teacher: @feliperamirezdance from @felipeytiago_official and @rolerotationacademy

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