Discover the joy of bachata dancing from the comfort of your own home with online bachata classes at Rolerotation Academy.

Our experienced instructors specialize in Rolerotation, a social dance concept that emphasizes inclusivity, diversity, and creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, our classes offer detailed instruction, musicality tips, and opportunities to practice with partners and other dancers.

Join our community of bachata dancers and take your skills to the next level with Rolerotation Academy’s online dance classes.

Bachata combo with isolations - Learn to dance online
bachata combo with arms and footwork - online class
A promotional image for the Bachata class, featuring Felipe y Tiago demonstrating the Bachata combo with Flashbacks, Contractions, and Releases. Sign up now to join the class and learn from these experienced dancers and teachers at Rolerotation Academy.
learn Bachata combinations with check-turns (contragiros) from expert instructors. Enhance your dance skills and impress on the dance floor!
Don't let the fear of running out of moves hold you back on the dance floor! Join Role Rotation Academy's Bachata Fillers for Socials online dance class and expand your Bachata repertoire with exciting and creative fillers. Sign up now and dance with confidence and style at any social event!
bachata arm technique Online Dance class. Learn bachata online