Can everyone do body rolls? If your body rolls don’t work watch this!

One of the biggest assumptions some people have especially men, but a lot of women too, is that their body are too stiff, and they will never be able to do a body roll. “It just doesn’t work”

But is this actually true? Lets find out!

Can you do these moves @thetiagoadegas from @felipeytiago_official says here?

If you can, than that means that you can also do body rolls in bachata. And that the reason why is not working is because what you just doesn’t have the link between each movement. YET. That’s right, everyone can do body rolls so ⭐Stop believing you can’t do body rolls

So if your body is “just too stiff” let’s start with some chest mobility exercises because let’s face it you managed to do the hips before didn’t you?

Side body rolls chest mobility

Remember: 💪 You should be careful not to tilt your body when practise your chest mobility for body rolls. So try to maintain the same shoulder level at all time. The use of the arms like you see it here as well as the use of a mirror can really help!

So let’s talk body rolls!

Where do you start your body roll?

Bodyrolls made easy

Body rolls can be divided in 4 parts:

It doesnt matter how stiff you think you are you can do body rolls and this is how!

Head Technique in Body Rolls

The head also has its place and its own movement on the body roll, but as you will see here, it will be on the way back that we will use it.

Now you know how to use the head during the body rolls. Make sure you make your movement as smooth as possible.

Dinamic Side Body Roll

What about side body rolls?  Yes, they exist and besides teaching you how to do it in this class @Filipaantunes_ also teaches you how to make it dynamic

As you can see  you can play around with your body rolls to make it more dinamic and in tune with the music. Making your movement Dynamic is a very important part of dance because it will help you link to musicality and make you way more interesting!

With or Without Wave?

So let’s see a practical partnerwork example where body rolls can make the difference in transforming an easy move to a cool one 😉

Which one would you pick? I sure prefer the second one but they both look nice. So use both 😊 but having options is always the best part.

Arms for Body Rolls

Finally, I don’t want to finish this article without telling you where your arms are in the middle of all this. They don’t really get in during the actual body rolls but sure we should definitely use them specially when they are not “attached to a leader”.

Obviously we cant just leave them hanging. so we leave you here one of the many styling you can learn form all the styling and partnerwork classes at

The majority of these dance tips come from the technique class on body rolls already at the Role Rotation Academy online dance school. And we also included there some homework exercises for you to improve the smoothness and the flexibility of your body so you can keep improving your dance even after the class!

You all know by now, how much @felipeytiago_official loves to give homework to their students

@rolerotationacademy – Learn much more than just combos. Learn dance technique!

Teachers featured in this article: @felipeytiago_official and @filipaantunes_

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