Is styling for everyone and for all levels?

Today in this article we want to talk about two topics by using some of the tips you can learn during the online dance classes at . so check some sneak peeks from some of these online dance classes:

Different Levels, Different Options

First and foremost, Yes, styling is for everyone, leaders, followers, advanced dancers, intermediate and also beginners. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a class is going to be really hard or really easy just because it says intermediate level class or beginner level class. That’s the reason dance teachers sometimes give different options for the moves at @rolerotationacademy. That way you can always keep improving in dance without having that feeling of frustration sometimes appears when a class is just way to hard.

Check here an example from one of the many salsa solo online dance classes you can do:

Dissociation and Isolation

Now when practicing bachata or salsa styling, one of the most thing you can work before going to the actual moves is to focus on your isolations. A lot of time it’s really hard in live regular classes to focus on the dance technique of each move because of the amount of time and people a dance teacher has in the dance class. But, even though it can be difficult we should always focus on the foundation, and the dance technique of each movement.

Check here a quick tip from a body movement class on coordination, dissociation and isolation at the Online Dabce Academy that it will help you liberating your body today 😜:

Being a dancer is different than being a follower!

Indeed being a dancer is much more than just being just a good leader or just a good follower may it be in bachata, in salsa or in other social dances. A lot of dancers only focus on the combos and end up using always the same styling. You should also focus on your styling so you dont look like anybody else!

Here it is a good example with the famous bachata windmill arm movement you can do.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a different variation of a very used bachata styling such as the windmill. And it becomes boring to always be repeating the same thing over and over again. That’s why, by doing this you can slightly change the way you do your windmill to give a different and more original effect on the dance floor.

And just two quick secrets in case you don’t know, at the online dance academy there is an entire online dance class dedicated on how you can make your windmill more interesting where we teach you not 1, not 2 but 10 different ways to do it so you can pick your favourites. And the second secret that that one we know, that you haven’t heard, is that we have a full course/program how to do different styling for the most famous and used moves in bachata! Should we do one for salsa too?

Styling in partnerwork

And we finally arrive to the topic of partnerwork in social dances like bachata or salsa. Indeed styling during partnerwork is very different from when practicing or dancing solo. Sure dancing solo is the best way to train your body but as a follower the styling you can use is sometimes dependent on the position of the leader. So, when following, we should always be careful and mindful of their position!

Here is an example from salsa dancing:

Also , when it comes to safety as followers we always have to be aware of our styling. Some tips on when you can style the moves as a follower:

These are the reasons why at Role Rotation Academy ( @rolerotationacademy ) we focus a lot on dance technique and solo styling for bachata and salsa and not just on learning moves so you can improve your dance faster and better.

Styling tips for leaders

How to style as a leader? how to add styling when I lead? Bachata, Salsa or Kizomba

Now, we feel that the majority of dance classes, when talking about styling is always for followers. It’s true that in the end leaders already have to think about leading the move so adding styling might just be too much.

But, we can’t forget that leaders need to look good too! And sometimes, the smallest details make all the difference in dance. Just a changing of a head or a foot position when you dance can make all the difference.

Styling, just styling

Finally we arrive to the second question of this article:

Is it man styling? Is it Ladies styling? Or is it just styling?

First watch this bachata choreography:

Simple? Sure but This choreo was a funny colab between 5 friends after dinner: Vera, Chris, Yvonne, Felipe and Tiago.

Styling should never have genders, bachata stlying has no gender, movement is genderless.

When learning a bachata styling class there will always be movements that you will be more comfortable with and others that you will feel that doesn’t work for your body. And THAT’S OK!
Dance classes that are just called “styling” will always be better than “ladies styling” Or “men styling” because they will not be dependent on what the culture for men and women dictates in each place. That division of dance movement between genders only makes that you will only learn so much and you will be losing a lot.

Instead of telling you what you can do depending on your gender. In our online dance school you will learn all kinds of movement and then we recommend for you to use only the ones you love the most. This way you have the option of understanding and learn what works for you and your body and what doesn’t.

Here it is a clear example:

Remember! At we believe that dance styling is for everyone and it’s equal for all genders, so, learn everything, be versatile and pick after what you like and what you don’t.

Bonus tip – Focus on the Technique

As you probably already arrive to the conclusion, being a good leader and a good follower in bachata, salsa, kizomba or other social dances is amazing, but when doing it with styling is incredible.

Adding different movements to your dancing can really make it more interesting and fun! Try today to do this version of a body roll where you finish in a nice cool dance position.

🤯Don’t forget that back heel up! It will improve your balance and your beautiful dance lines straight away.

This bit is part of an entire bachata styling choreo! Again at @rolerotationacademy styling has no gender! You learn how to do all types of different movements and then it’s your choice to decide what you like for you and your body and what you will use for your social dancing 🔥

In these videos, in case you are interested:

  • Shoes by @gravitydancegoods (Fun fact: they don’t sell “women’s shoes” or “men’s shoes”. Instead, they sell heels or flats! So if you are a girl that just doesn’t want to wear heels to dance go for it.  As well as if you are a boy that wants to wear heels to dance go for it. They don’t discriminate. And the best part is that they also do fitted shoes and they will help you to find the best model for your actual feet. We love them!
  • Teachers: @felipeytiago_official

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