Today we leave you with 4 quick tips for turns and spins by Felipe y Tiago at Role Rotation Academy.

Note: all these tips are part of different online dance classes at the online dance academy: so enjoy the sneak peeks 😊

Squeeze The Legs

Very self-explanatory but it will make all the difference, check it out a bit of our online dance classes:

Hook turns tips

If you dance salsa then this one is for you:

Are you already using hook turns in your dancing? You can also use it in bachata!

Turn Tip with Role Rotation Bonus

Some turns in salsa you might see as a contragiro. That will help you focusing on the general dance technique of turning instead of trying to seperate each turn you do in different dance techniques.

In this case we are doing a full turn and 45′ with the action of #RoleRotation (the action of rotating roles mid dance – find out more at, which makes it harder because your brain also has to switch from follower to leader during the turn. But hey, it’s dance. Anything is posible and we know you can do it.

Note: If you don’t know both roles you can just not rotate and go for dile que no. Just finish it and go for normal bachata or salsa basic with you maintaining the same role (everything explained in the same class).

Versatility is the key

Finally, the last tip for you today

Versatility is probably one of the hardest things to improve as a social dancer as the majority of the time it’s spent learning partnerwork skills. Ending up leaving for last, one of the most important parts which is self development of ourselves.

@felipeytiago_official are true believers that one of the best things you can do to improve salsa and bachata is definitely do other dance styles.

So today we leave you here a quite interesting variation of a turn you can use and learn that will help you improve your balance, your core and your spotting skills.

Interested in improving your turns and spins?

There is a full online dance program/course at @rolerotationacademy on turns and spins 😜 so if you still get dizzy when you spin or you still only manage one or two turns give that course a look. All the online dance classes are pre-recorded so you can do it at your own time and wherever you are. By the way, we definitely don’t recommend doing all the online spinning course in one go or even in the same day. It might be just too much!!!

In case you don’t know, at the there are NEW PRE-RECORDED ONLINE DANCE CLASSES EVERY WEEK for you to improve your dancing. Alone or with a partner. And everything from the comfort of your house! More than 150 classes already there. And again, pre-recorded, no schedules no nothing. Take your time, repeat, stop, fast forward. You decide! ❤

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